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Solar and Wind Power

April 25th, 2017

While at Cape Fear Community College, I worked to implement renewable energy into the Electronics Engineering Technology (EET) program. In 2005 hydrogen based fuel cells were introduced into the engineering department. I enjoyed learning about fuel cells, and proposed our program also expose students to solar and wind power. Emphasis was placed on small scale power generation and pratical applications of the technology. Students gained hands on experience with wind turbines, solar panels, batteries, power inverters, and more. Projects emphasized proper use of test equipment, safety, working in groups, and documentation.

CFCC Renewable Energy Lab

The first system was downtown and was not a grid tie. We had a 600W 24 Volt photovoltaic (PV) array consisting of four 150W panels wired in parallel. We also had a 24V wild three phase AC wind turbine. The solar array was on an active tracking system following the sun.

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