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Port City Grounds Keeper, Wilmington NC

2016 – Present, Assistant

  • Scheduling and supervising landscaping jobs while ensuring timely completion.

Cape Fear Community College, Wilmington NC

2003 – 2016, Electronics Instructor (Full-time)

  • Plan and instruct lectures and labs for courses pertaining to Electricity, Electronics, Digital Electronics, Microprocessors, and Programmable Logic Controls, as required by the Electronics Engineering Technology (EET) program, and other Engineering and Vocational programs.

  • Proficient with use of multimeters, oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, function generators, power supplies, and related electronics test equipment.

  • Skilled troubleshooting at both system and component level, soldering, wire wrapping, and breadboarding circuits.


  • Proficient with Ladder Logic for Allen-Bradley SLC 500 and Micrologix controllers using RSLogix and RSLinx software.

  • Developed and Maintained a hybrid Renewable Energy Lab with 1kW wind turbine and 600W solar array. The lab has 24V 200AHr battery backup and is grid tied for 120VAC.

  • Oversaw student work-study program. This involved finding qualified candidates to assist with computers, lab equipment and troubleshooting.

  • Utilize the NC E-Procurement website to locate vendors for both equipment recommendations, and supplies required for courses in the Engineering Department.

  • Represented the EET program at on-site open-house events, as well as off campus demonstrations.

1999 – 2003, Electronics Instructor (part-time)

  • Plan and teach courses in Programmable Logic Controller Applications, Electronics, and Digital Electronics, for Engineering and Vocational programs on a contract basis.

NC Fusion, Wilmington NC

2000 – 2014 Owner

  • Consult clients and evaluate needs with respect to the latest in electronics and computer technology.

  • Develop relational databases for websites using MS-SQL and MySQL.

  • Configured shared web-servers for HTTPS and e-commerce using PayPal and AuthorizNET.

  • Proficient with HTML, Cold Fusion Application Development, and PHP.

  • Performed Search Engine Optimization.

  • Installed and configured security cameras.

  • Configured hardware VPN Tunnels using IPsec with Cisco based routers.

  • Developed project specifications and time-lines for delivery.

Sturdy Controls, Wilmington NC

1994 – 2000 Electronics Engineering Technician

  • Troubleshooting automotive and marine control systems at component level.

  • Assisted with new product development prototyping circuits and recommending design changes.

  • Verified software and worked with developers to correct issues.

  • Assisted with development of in circuit test equipment for production.

  • Assisted with development of RF immunity and susceptibility lab for reliability testing.

  • Developed technical specifications for product validation and production testing.


Cape Fear Community College, Wilmington, NC

  • 1992-1994 AAS Electronics Engineering Technology

  • 1996-1998 Computer Programming and College Transfer Courses


  • I enjoy experimenting with open source hardware and embedded programming using Arduino micro-controller boards along with sensors, displays, and servos.

  • I hold an Extra Class FCC license for operating amateur radio. My call sign is KV4TU, and I enjoy designing and fabricating my own antennas. I have configured my base station for remote control over the internet.

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